Picture yourself at your own beach house, facing your favorite surf spot. Every day in a different beach!
Picture yourself waking up to the sound of the current you´ll face. From the river you always dreamt of defying. You, your kayak and your friends! 
Picture yourself going to sleep in the top of a mountain, knowing that it’ll become your downhill track, the following day, full ahead. You and your bike!
Picture yourself at the end of a perfect day, surfing or down streaming. Your house is waiting for you. Right there. Warm water, the perfect meal, technical advice, all the support you need. 
Picture the end of the daily journey: twelve people around the table. Each one of them have thrills and adventures to share, while tasting a glass of good Portuguese wine or listening to the chords of a guitar.
At the end of the day, waiting to embrace you, there´s a room with a view to your idyllic beach, your favorite river or your biggest mountain.
Just picture it…
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