We are pleased to introduce our Bus

Come and join us in a trip of a lifetime.


The fun zone at the X-Ride Bus doesn’t end indoors, since we have a whole range of ‘extras’ on the exterior too, to allow you to fully enjoy the natural environment around you. Our Bus’ backpack carries all the ‘toys’: surfboards, wet suits, skateboards and bikes. That’s the place for washing all your gear when you’re done with the day’s adventures. That’s also the place for a cool, refreshing shower, really handy in those hot summer days. When the time comes to relax and enjoy the view, you can rely on an outdoors kitchen and an unfolding canopy for a unique chill out zone.

Kitchen / Chill Out Zone

Here you’ll find a properly stocked fridge, so that no one gets thirsty, but also a microwave, a stove and an oven, to prepare your daily meals. There’s still the dishwashing spot, but… we’ll take care of that messy business for you ;) The living room (with a restroom quite on reach) is where everyone gets together for the morning meetings, for having meals and for trading stories and emotions at the end of each journey. You’ll be able to review the day’s photos or footage, connect to ‘the outside world’ through skype, facebook ou any other social network, or simply enjoy the company of a hot tea or a cold beer. It’s up to you!

1st Floor

Leading the way is your seat, which you must take whenever the Bus is moving. You’ll love the view, there’s a great scenic window so that you won’t miss a bit of the greatest Portuguese landscapes. Then you’ll find one of Big Bus’ most appreciated spots: the shower! Roomy, with both cold and hot water and a license to sing  And, last but not least, the Bus’ four bedrooms. You can have small meetings there, enjoy a little privacy or take a rest between adventures. Each of them has an individual sound system, an mp3 plug, a window and light controls (with a small lamp for reading purposes), among other features. You just have to make the most of it and relax!