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Join us for a 6 days cruising throught the best surf spots the west coast of Portugal. Take a break and come with for a few days of fun, surf and relax in one of the most beautiful coasts of Portugal. You will be able to ride all that gear you always wanted but never got the chance, surfboards, skimboards, bodyboards, longboards, stand up paddleboards, you name it. 


To start our surf trip the X-Ride Bus will leave from Lisbon towards Peniche. Peniche is the surfing area that is getting most of the focus in Portugal, especially since the 2009 ASP World Tour decided to move its professional contest site here, instead of Mundaka, exposing the surfing world to the incredible waves at Supertubos, located on the beach just south of Peniche harbor.The coast in Peniche has a tremendous variation in bathymetry, combined with a wide open swell window, making it a great place to find good surf. There we will stay in the Baleal area looking for the best spots around.

North Baleal beach and Ferrel

The difference between South Baleal  and North Baleal beaches lies in the sea. In the South beach you can bathe quietly and when the sea is calm it is the best spot for a first contact with surfing, although it is not the first option for more experienced surfers. The natural beauty of this beach, and the Baleal Island in particular, together with the good atmosphere of the beach bars make this place unforgettable.


South Baleal beach

Whoo! This place is a sheltered beach break that has very consistent surf and works all around the year. Works best in offshore winds from the southeast. Tends to receive a mix of groundswells and windswells and the ideal swell direction is from the north northwest. The beach break offers both left and right hand waves. Good surf at all stages of the tide. Unlikely to be too crowded, even when the surf is up.



So can be described the waves of Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, where this dream begins. These were the waves that Garrett McNamara was invited to know and explore. The North Canyon Show’s goal, by Garrett McNamara, was also to understand Nazaré’s sea potentialities, which are unique for being under the influence of the Canyon of Nazaré, a geomorphologic undersea phenomenon that allows such outstanding waves.

For such a unique place as Nazaré, where wave sports are so important, nothing better than to have an internationally known Extreme Waterman exploring its waves and broadcasting it all over the world. The waves, as the culture, the Portuguese experiences and traditions… sardines , and FADO and chambers, zimmers and rooms ;)


Porto Batel

Small sandy beach with some dunes. It is mainly a beach for local people and it doesn’t have any tourist facilities. Fantastic view with the small village on the background.

Reef break  a right wave good for surf and a left-hand point break on the other side very shallow like a mini pipe. Works with big swells.

Day 5


Legend says the name “Ericeira” originally meant “land of sea urchins”, due to the abundant sea urchins in its beaches. Ericeira is another popular surfing location in Portugal that has some good beach break waves, epic right points and hollow reef breaks surrounding the town.  

 These are beaches with world class waves that have hosted the WCT events: Ribeira D’Ilhas, Coxos or São Lourenço have several wave peaks and particularly a long right hander which is ideal for beginners. The best wave in the area is world class right point break called Coxos, located south of the the town of Ribamar.  Just south of Coxos is Ribeira d´Ilhas, another right point break. Across the bay from Ribeira d´Ilhas is an incredible hollow left reef break.  Foz do Lizandro is a rivermouth that has consistent sandbars and good beach break peaks.  South of Ericera there are loads of uncrowded beaches that are a great place to find waves to yourself.


Depending on the weather conditions we will start moving back, choosing the best spots to chill out and enjoy the wonders of this magic coast.


Trip: 6 Days - 5 nights


  • Accommodation in double or triple room
  • Food: 
    • Breakfast
  • Equipment
    • Surf board
    • Surf wetsuits
    • Bike
    • Other toys: skate, paddle board, bodyboard, skimboard
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical support

Other facilities on-board:

  • AC
  • Mini-bar
  • Internet
  • Wi-fi
  • TV – two LCD´s, one per floor
  • Radio with personal control in each room
  • Plugs for mp3, iPad, iPod, etc.
  • DVD player
  • WC
  • Shower (inside and outside)
  • First Aid Assistance X-RIDE



Trip 5 nights
Includes: Accommodation in double or triple room | Breakfast | Surfboard | Wetsuits | Bike | Skate | Paddle Board | Bodyboard | Kayak | Travel insurance | Medical support
On-board: AC | Mini-bar | Internet Wi-fi | TV (two LCD´s, one per floor) | Radio (w/ personal control in each room) | Plugs for mp3, iPad, iPod, etc. | DVD player WC Shower (inside and outside) First Aid Assistance X-RIDE
Places & Activities
Places Nazaré | Peniche| Baleal | Ericeira
Activities Visiting and getting to know the local culture and tradition | Eat, surf, relax, enjoy the waves and the beach